Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oh my - What a pie!

Last night I hit a big hand at video poker and decided to take the money and run. I then concluded the best use of some of the casino's dough would be to stop by Metro Pizza (previous blog 7/12/07) and pick up some fresh dough and go home and make a pizza for dinner. On the way from Metro to home we pass a MARIE CALLENDER'S. Mother of Food suggested we have some pie for dessert. Mother is a great sales person and i am an easy sale (mooch)-so we stopped. I then said surprise me. There are no bad pies at MARIE CALLENDER'S. After the pizza MoF brought in the pie.It was a srawberrrrry pie.The reason so many rs is to start to describe the enormous size of the strawberries. These were the largest strawberries I have ever seen. Piled high in a very fresh flaky crust, then covered with a sweet glaze. Oh my - what a pie! I hope you have a MARIE CALLENDER'S near you. We have several in Las Vegas.

I usually stop at : MARIE CALLENDER'S
4800 S. Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89119
702-458-2127 FAX 702-458-0795

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Family of Food said...

Marie Callenders has good pie... a bold conclusion. OK just kidding, for us who come from outside the West, Marie's may be a mystery. Here's a tip for even those who may be very familiar with the joys of the local Marie Callender's, there is a special Marie Callender Flagship restaurant called Callender's on the Miricle Mile, next to the LACMA. It is everything a Marie Callander's is, with a gorgeous full bar, a grand piano, and a few extra treats on the menu. Marie expanded into a couple of other "Callender's Grilles", too, but the Wishire one is the best.

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