Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oster Quickbake Recipe

Experimenting with the "Quickbake" settings on my Oster bread maker.
This one turned out well, good texture, holds together when sliced, nice flavor.  Based in Brioche, it is a bit sweet and seems rich, but I replaced the butter with nonfat yogurt, so it's not nearly as sinful.  Next time I may lose the sugar, too.

Here is the recipe for the 80 min. Oster Quickbake setting - if you don't happen to have this machine, bake on white bread setting in other bread makers or try kneading and cooking in the oven like other white breads.

Load ingredients into machine in this order

3 Cups Flour
1/4 Cup Sugar
1 tsp Salt
2 Eggs
1/2 Cup Plain Nonfat Yogurt
1/4 Cup Warm Water
1 TBSP Yeast sprinkled over water allowed to sit for a few minutes until bubbles start to form.

Start Machine

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