Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pinning my Food

Oh my gosh it has been forever since I posted.  I have moved on in my digital life, but I come back to family of food for recipes and memories.  Lately I have been collecting food ideas on Pinterest,
That platform is a fabulous idea generator for food and much more.

One great idea I found was for this 4th of July.
Mine was layered a little differently:
It's all about the sugar content,

I used Pina Colada Mixer on the bottom, Cranberry Cocktail in the middle, and Gatorade Cool Blue on the top.  For adult drinks I mixed the Pina Colada with Rum shaken with ice in a bar shaker first and then layered the rest, and the red and white layers flipped due to the changed sugar content.

Here's the original post from the Like Mother Like Daughter Blog:


It was a hit!

I am trying this recipe tonight.


Thanks to all who share their tricks and treats.
Feel free to pin from the Family of Food Blog.
Happy Pinning!

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