Friday, May 31, 2013

If You Grill it, They Will Come.

Today I stumbled upon the pre-grand opening of The Melt on San Fernando in Burbank.  Grilled Cheese on a sunny day, sounded great.  I texted a friend down the street and she met me to grab some grub.  There was a line out the door of this modern, clean shop, managed by a friendly hostess.   The line seemed to him smoothly along mostly because they distracted us with samples of soft serve as we waited.  When we got to the front, our excellent cashier explained that the menu was limited today and that it was all FREE!  I got the classic, Aged Cheddar cheese on Artisan White Bread with a Bacon "Middle" accompanied by two tomato basil soup.  Add to that a mixed Boylan Natural Cane Soda fountain Drink and I was set. It hit the spot!

From environmentally friendly packaging, to the hi-tech order board, to the extremely friendly staff, This place has it all going on.  Check it out when you are in Downtown Burbank.

Official grand opening is Sunday.

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