Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beginning the blog.

Angelenos have two inexhaustible conversations; how travel by car from one part of Los Angeles to another and where this City of Angels hides a decent slice of pizza. This blog is going to focus on the Pizza conversation. Yes, Pizza with a capital P. Food is important in my family. Our highest cell phone bills can be traced back to this simple question, "What did you have for dinner?" We hope to thwart the profits of Verizon and Sprint by posting our answers to that question here.

There will be blogging about the tiny restaurants in the San Fernando Valley, as well as the rest of Los Angeles, from me, the Daughter, but as the Father begins his expression you will read of great fare from Las Vegas. I hope to also lure my New Yorker brother to the blog as he will bring East Coast flavors to life and if you've ever been to New York, you know that these flavors are worth reading about.

Now back to the Pizza conversation, it is sometimes hit and miss, but my best bet for Pizza in LA is Damiano's Mr. Pizza on Fairfax. I had a meatball pizza there about a decade ago, that I still dream about. This place is dark, dark, dark, except for the glare of the beer fridge. While the lack of light robs you of your eyesight and ability to read the menu, it enhanses your other senses and is perhaps why the tastes are so rich. Give it a try. 412 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

From the Valley, take Laurel Canyon over the hill to Fairfax, past Melrose. It's across the street from Canter's Deli. Or, take the 101 to and drive down Highland and cross over to Fairfax on any street before Melrose. Or maybe go over on Coldwater...


Father of Food said...

great start

Family of Food said...

Great job, Father of Food is on the board!

Humma Kavula said...

Damiano's is good, no doubt. But if you are in the Valley, there is no need to travel quite so far:

Burbank's (or is it North Hollywood's?) Joe Peeps is the real deal.

Also in Burbank and not quite Joe Peeps but still quite tasty is Tony's Bella Vista. On Magnolia.

What I need -- please, somebody -- is good South Bay pizza. And good South Bay chinese food delivery.

Family of Food said...

Good Call, Humma.
Tony's Bella Vista is a blast from the past. I swear Pauly from The Sopranos served up my ravioli once.

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