Saturday, July 14, 2007

Give Me Some Soul

A few posts ago, a reader asked for Pizza recommendations in the South Bay. I haven't heard any yet, but I thought I might pass on a Soul Food reference not too far from the area. M&M Soul Food on Centinella Ave. may not look like much, but looks are not what this blog is about. Taste is the sense you want to bring with you to M&M’s. They specialize in Fried Chicken and Gravy, Mac and Cheese, Corn Bread, and all the sorts of things that can comfort food you into a coma. It’s not the healthiest meal, even their green beans could add a few pounds, but it’s well worth an extra jog around the track. I believe the M&M stands for mmmmm&mmmmmm.

M & M Soul Food (310) 215-8186
5496 W. Centinela Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045


Humma Kavula said...

I will have to check it out. I will occasionally really go for the soul food -- though Mrs. Kavula is not the biggest fan. More to the point, a good mac and cheese is in my top five of favorite foods.

I do not make a good mac and cheese. I can follow a recipe OK, but when cooking requires creativity, I blank.

Still, I know what makes a good one. Multiple cheeses, the right blend. Enough milk that it's creamy, but not enough that it's soupy. Oh, and the pasta -- it's my opinion that it should be slightly undercooked. It will absorb moisture when it's mixed with the cheese/milk mix, and if the pasta is cooked through when you mix everything together, it can become soggy -- or, worse, gooey.

I will check this place out.

Family of Food said...

Oh Humma,
I might just have to meet you there for lunch!

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