Thursday, July 12, 2007


When most people move to a new city, they have certain priorities. They locate the nearest hospitals, a twenty-four hour pharmacy, a good supermarket, a dry cleaner, hair salon and so forth. I'm not most people! When I came to Las Vegas seven and half years ago, I asked the people I met "Who has the best pizza in town and where can I find some good barbeque?" This is what is important to me. I got a wide variety of pizza suggestions. Some were OK but none great. After a month or so I decided to get a job so I could keep eating. I went to work in marketing. On my rides to and from work up and down Tropicana Ave, I noticed a parking lot in front of METRO PIZZA was always crowded. This really impressed me since I was usually coming home after nine o'clock in the evening. So I told my lovely wife (Mother of Food) we have to try it out. Bingo - we hit the jackpot. Great pizza, super sandwiches and terrific salads. The wait staff is very friendly. The pizza is New york style but they do deep dish also. I also like to make my own pizzas at home, but I always buy fresh dough ready to spread from Metro.

METRO PIZZA is at the following Locations

Metro Pizza
1395 East Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada

Tropicana & Maryland Parkway (702) 736-1955

Metro Pizza
4001South Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada

Renaissance Center West (702) 362-7896

Metro Pizza Green Valley
1420 W. Horizon Ridge ParkwayHenderson, Nevada

NW Corner of Stephanie & Horizon Ridge (702)458-4769


Family of Food said...

Father of Food does make fantastic Pizzas. His are the best.

Tim said...

I want to give my input on BBQ spots in the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valley's of Los Angeles.

1) Dr Hogley Wogley's - Van Nuys
2) Bear Pit - North Hills
3) Ribs USA - Burbank
4) Flames BBQ - Northridge
5) Pecos Bill's - Glendale
6) Big Mama's Rib Shack - Pasadena
7) Hutch's BBQ - Pasadena
8) Barn Burner - Pasadena
9) Gus's BBQ - Pasadena

These are the top spots, in order, for BBQ in my opinion. You can google any of them for exact location and reviews. The top 3 are the best if you are hungry and don't have anything to do for the remainder of the day. Keep grilling......

Melissa said...

God, if you can get the recipe for the pasta salad with the fried chicken and honey cayenne dressing that would be great. I havent lived in Vegas for years but I DREAM of that pasta salad.

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