Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Solid Pick

I know you've been waiting, so I'll hold back no more. Before heading off to a lovely anniversary weekend in San Diego, Daughter of Food and Husband went to LA Prime at the Westin Bonaventure in Downtown Los Angeles. LA Prime is a classic steakhouse restaurant with solidly good food and an extraordinary view of downtown from the top of the Bonaventure Hotel.

We were greeted with top notch service by Alex and his partner in our cozy, somewhat private booth. He first brought us an "appeteezer" of fresh crab on cucumber/tomato salad, which was very good. We had a variety of breads, including sweet flavored bread with raisins which seemed out of place and some good seasoned and melted cheese drizzled crackers before the appetizers. Appetizers were delicious lobster bisque and an incredible gruyere and onion tart. By this time we were a bit full, but we soldiered on to a Surf and Turf and Seared Ahi for our main dishes. The Surf and Turf was my husband's, and I know he did not get it served quite at the doneness he asked for, so I will leave it to him to elaborate if he so desires in the comments section. My ahi was fantastic. It was crusted with a thick layer of spices leading to the sensation of eating a perfectly seared steak. I was saddened by the fact that I was so stuffed I could not eat the whole thing (seared ahi doesn't keep well for leftovers).

Afterwards we went down to the rotating bar (just below the restaurant) for a drink and watched the city rotate around us. We were the center of the world for that moment... the two of us.

For the price class, the food at LA Prime is not unusual or extraordinary, but it is a predictably great meal with excellent service, and a view that lifts you out of your everyday life.

404 South Figueroa Street,
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 624-1000


jimbilly4 said...

I don't have too much to add. The steak arrived medium rare when I had asked for it medium well, most likely the result of a misheard request. TO be honest I like the whole spectrum from medium rare to medium well about equally.

Family of food did not mention the novelty drink I had at the rotating restaurant. I ordered it because it came in a cheesey Bonaventure ceramic mug. It contained some type of Creme de Coco and Chambard and tasted like suntan lotion.

Yummy. After I finished choking it down, FOF belatedly mentioned I could probably have gotten any drink I wanted in that mug for the same price. Drats.

Family of Food said...

Awwww... I was going to save the drink for a future review, once I get a picture of that lovely ceramic sculpture that the drink was in. The drink did taste like SPF40, but I am sure if you ask nicely, the bartender would give you a different drink in that same wonderful mug.

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