Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Perfect Place for an Anniversary

Today is my (Daughter of Food's) wedding anniversary and I am going to ask you for a present. Husband of Food is taking me somewhere special tonight. Where, you ask? I will save the blogging for after the fact, to keep the papparazzi away. So for a gift, please tell me, and all the Family of Food readers, what your favorite restaurants are for a special occasion.

It's easy to leave a comment, just click on the word "comments" beneath this post. You don't even have to leave your name or be registered. Just let us know what the best places to eat, anywhere in the world, for special occasion.


amy said...

Our favourite place to celebrate are Il Cielo, and Le Petit Cafe. Il Cielo is a bit pretentious, but their food is good and the wine selection is great!

Il Cielo
9010 Burton Way, Beverley Hills, CA. 310-276-9990
Dinner for two excluding wine ~$100.

Le Petit Cafe serves excellent French food. It's a wonderful and cozy little restaurant to linger in.

Le Petit Cafe
2842 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA. (310) 829-6792
Dinner for two excluding wine ~$80.

father of food said...

Anywhere with my family around me!

Happy anniversary and love,

Father of Food

Family of Food said...

Excellent Suggestions Amy. I hope to try those restaurants soon!

Thanks for the well wishes Father of Food. We had a great time. Blogs to follow.

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