Sunday, November 15, 2009

Muddy Buddies

I don't care, call it white-trash-junk-food, Muddy Buddies are awesome. I am so glad I only made half a batch. Who knows how many Weight Watchers Points are in there... OK, I'll calculate it... 5 points a serving, 9 servings in this 1/2 batch. 45 points in the pan, yikes!

I won't do it alone.

Between the kids, Friend of Food, and Me, these things may not make it 'till tonight. Husband of Food, I'll try to save you some. Come back soon!
Save me from this yummy batch of self destruction!!!


Amy said...

What is a muddy buddy? Recipe?

Darci said...

Friend of Food enjoyed immensely.

Family of Food said...

OK, Amy, I'll work up a post...

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