Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A long time ago, at an improv audition far, far away, a friendship was formed between two food blogging giants. At the time, neither blogged, but both cooked, ate, and more importantly, laughed. Food was not what attracted me to the blond dessert maven you may know as MandiCrocker, rather it was her sparkling personality and terrific sense of humor; the sugar was just an added bonus to a pre-sweetended friendship.

MandiCakes is the physical manifestation of Mandi's sweetness. Her Cookies, Cakes, and Pies are simply stated, delicious. She has a "more is more" philosophy which brings good old fashioned homemade indulgence to her creations.

One my personal favorites is her Peanut Butter Chocolate cake made with chunks of Peanut Butter cups. The frosting is amazing. Most frostings are too sweet for me to eat much of, but this one I could eat all day. This unglamourous picture is of the cake Mandi made for my baby shower. We were lucky we got a shot of this cake at all, it was gone so fast.

Mandi does a mini cupcake version of this cake that is dreamy in it's own way.
Here it is now... The peanut butter cupcakes are rightfully in front.

Mandi's other cakes are terrific, too. The Red Velvet cakes with Cream Cheese frosting are another croud pleaser. You can see these yummies in the picture at the top of the post.

I am probably most fond of one of Mandi's most labor intensive treats... Her Cake Truffles. I liked the working title of these goodies better. Apparently "Cake Balls" aren't classy enough for the masses. I love them, under any name, though. They are bite sized chocolate/hard frosting coated cakes which are just as much of a treat for the eye as for the mouth. I really love the Grasshoppah Mint Cake Truffles, but the best part of the cake truffle experience is mixing up the different flavors.

Is your sweet tooth crying out yet? Mandi is creating platters and treats for the holidays. Check out her website for more information.

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