Sunday, August 17, 2008

Monsieur Marcel - A Sweet Surprise

An old friend was visiting this weekend and I wanted to take her to experience some of the Southern Californian sweet life. We ended up toddling around Santa Monica by the ocean and eventually wandered up to the Promenade. My friend wanted a glass of water and I wanted to get the kids some milk so we went to what we thought was a coffee bean type of place in the middle of the walk. It turned out we had stumbled into Monsieur Marcel, a wine and cheese bar.

We had wine and a cheese plate, and the girls had their milk. We chose three cheeses, a
taleggio, Saint André, and something else... This is the problem with cheese plates, you spend a while going back and forth on which cheeses to get and by the time it comes to the table, you forget what you actually selected. The best cheese plate I have ever had was found at Patina in Downtown LA and they gave us a summary of the cheeses to take home. Back to the matter at hand, at Monsieur Marcel, our waiter was very attentive and kind to the baby girls. It was a lovely stop on our journey and very So-Cal.

This Monsieur Marcel is related to the Wine and Cheese bar and Shop at the Farmer's Market at 3rd and Fairfax.

Monsieur Marcel Pain Vin Fromage – french bistro, wine and cheese bar
Santa Monica - 3rd Street Promenade at Arizona
(310) 587 1166

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Margo said...

hhmmmm...I wonder that old friend would be?? It sounds like you had a great time..wish I could have been there. I love wine and cheese!

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