Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Warm House, Warm Heart

This is the aftermath in our kitchen of our house rewarming celebration. It really was not too bad to clean up and I credit the ease of the wrap to the design of the kitchen itself.

This is the thing which we celebrate.

Husband of Food and I spent the last year in the midst of remodel madness. We removed some walls, painted the house top to bottom inside and out, removed a half bath, added a full bath, completely replaced all piping, as well as the electrical and the HVAC (heating, venting, and air conditioning), redid the floors, added a deck, added a two story master bedroom and studio loft space, landscaped the yard, and rebuilt the entire kitchen.

We spent the better part of a year away from our home and most of our possessions. We spent every spare penny we had and then went into a deep and stressful debt. We lost our cat. The pain of a major remodel is difficult to believe until you go through it yourself.

When all was complete it was hard not to see the house like a scene in an old noir film, in cold contrasty grey tones, but as the days fill the space between then and now, the beauty begins to creep back into the walls. Like the in the iconic moment from cinematic history, when Black and White turns to Color as you enter the Land of Oz, our house rewarming popped the color back into our frame.

Many friends, family members, artisans, and craftsmen gave their blood sweat and tears to build this home. Being able to thank those who helped and encouraged us gave us a sense of fulfillment and closure.

Now, what did we serve?

Various Chips and Dips

Mini Pizzas featuring pesto made with Basil from our garden.

A tray of Vegetables and Dip.

A bouquet of Fruit flowers to eat from Edible Arrangements sent by Father of Food and greatly enjoyed.

Deviled Eggs with eggshells gently peeled by the tiny fingers of twin twenty-one month old girls... a preparation so sweet they should be called Angeled Eggs.

Mixed Baby Green Salad with Walnuts, Cranberries, and Blue Cheese.

Tri Tip Steaks and a Tri Tip Roast marinaded in a sauce that included Basil and Thyme from our garden and then Barbequed on the grill outside on the new deck.

Chicken marinaded in teriyaki sauce and then Barbequed on the grill.

Crackers and Homemade Cheese Ball made with my prized Kitchen Aid Mixer, the one that matches the electric green kitchen wall, unused until I found the books while unpacking for the party.

Also made with the Kitchen Aid, a large batch of Oatmeal Cookies

and a large batch of White Chocolate Chunk, Pecan, and Walnut Cookies,

and a Berry Cheesecake Mousse.

The Food was accompanied by an eclectic collection of Beverages.

All was devoured. I hope we had enough to fill the bellies of our guests. I know my heart is still filled to the brim with happiness, living in my warm home.


Debbie said...

Wow, the house looks beautiful! It's time for Husband of Food to update his blog and give us the full inside scoop!! :)

Family of Food said...


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