Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Truxton's Short Order

As someone who works at the Howard Hughes complex, I am grateful for any new casual restaurant moving in to the area. Truxton's Short Order, however, is a step up from just any casual restaurant.

Good quality homemade American style dishes are assembled to order at the front counter and then taken out to the covered patio for consumption. I say assembled, because one of their big menu items is a sandwich called the "Your Way" which is completely customizable to your taste. Included in your choices is a vegetarian Marinated Tofu Steak, although a friend reports that this was too oily for her tastes. Menu items such as the Slow Roasted BBQ Brisket and the Slow Roasted Turkey Breast are ready to carve and serve with your choice of sides.

The ingredients are simple, homemade, and healthy. My first dish I tried was the Hughes Bistro. This salad is a Truxton's signature dish and the first item listed on the menu. At first I was a little disappointed with the crispness of the lettuce. It looked a bit wilted to me, but then I tried the salad and ate the whole thing up, leaving not a leaf of that soft lettuce. It was delicious. The butternut squash seemed like an unusual ingredient for a salad, but it was the key feature to this plate. I was pleased with the taste and the nutritious qualities of this meal.
I also liked the choices for sides and beverages.

Truxton's Short Order is my new favorite lunch spot at the Howard Hughes. Try it, it might become yours.

Truxton's Short Order (Open for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner)
Howard Hughes Center
6081 West Center Drive Suite 115
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Family of Food said...

Went to Truxton's again today, had the roasted turkey for the first time. It was a bit dry. My side of fingerling potatoes were good.

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