Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kabobs in the Valley

Adventures in the Valley...
For a few weeks I've noticed a place with a couple of signs out front claiming the title to the best Kabobs in LA. It didn't look like much, but I like a good kabob, so last night I checked it out.

The Superior Kabob Factory on Oxnard in Van Nuys is a small neighborhood grocery specializing in Armenian/Mediterranean foods. In the back there is a meat counter filled with prepared and marinaded meats ready for cooking into kabobs. You can order the meat to go by the pound, or have them grill it for you there. Four Kabobs are a pound and they will make a combo of different types of kabobs for an extra fifty cents.

I was in the mood for Loula or Koobideh type kabobs, so I got two lamb and two chicken kabobs grilled for me there. Both kinds were very good, but very similar, so I'd probably pick one type next time. I liked the lamb slightly better. I also picked up lavosh, a jar of tahini, and a large chunk of good Greek Feta. All of my purchases, enough to feed my family of four and have plenty of lavosh, tahini, and feta left over for other meals, were $14. It was a lot of quality food for the money. I am sure I will be exploring more of the kabob choices soon.

Superior Kabob Factory
13670 Oxnard St
Van Nuys, CA
(near the Oxnard exit on the Metro Orange Line)

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