Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Matzo Ball-o Loco

I had a craving for Matzo Ball Soup last night so I stopped by Junior's in Westwood.
It didn't dissapoint. Even my 18 month old twins were crying zzzooooup, more zzzzoooup.
What they wanted was more matzo ball.

Junior's is at:
2379 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064-2109
and can be found on the Family of Food Map

For those too far from Los Angeles to make the trip to Juniors, here are some links to Matzo Ball Soup recipes.

Good all around recipes and tips:




Video Matzo Ball Soup:
I love these videos. The lady in this, Evelyn Igdaloff, is so sweet and she takes so much care in making this soup. Also, she has the same apron I have!


Hermine said...

Here is a trick for Matza Ball Soup for 2 l8-month olds (been there) without having to leave the house.
Croyden House Soup and Matza Ball Mix works well. It is 'pareve" ie, no meat products" and healthier.
Make as shown on the box, 10 cups of water to the soup mix. Add 1/2 teaspoon dry dill and 1/2 teaspoon dry parsley flakes. Add 6 stalks celery, 2 handfuls of baby carrots, 2 parsnips and 1 turnip. Cook slowly for about an hour. Then remove any vegetables your family won't eat.
Make the matza balls as shown, be sure to refrigerate. Add and boil. It is on a par with any soup from a restaurant and actually, better!

Family of Food said...

Thanks Hermine! I've made the real deal a couple of times, but as you know... time is never easy to come by with twins. These are great tips for the time starved Mother of Two.

Hermine said...

My matza ball soup insures tall lean smart(alec) kids ...... success assured.
Email me anytime for more ideas

Susan said...

Family of Food - thanks for saying such nice words about my mother, Evelyn, in her matzo ball videos. I was doing a search for the You Tube and found this. That was my mother's last Passover; she passed away a year ago January. But she is always there in the kitchen with us and her matzo balls can't be beat.

Family of Food said...

Susan, I am sorry to hear of your loss. Your Mother seemed like a wonderful lady. I am glad her Matzo Balls will live on in our ever so connected World.

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