Friday, March 14, 2008

Eggs as Art

It is almost Easter and that means EGG ART is here! At work our "Craft Club" spent a fun lunch break decorating eggs with very modest supplies. The top left egg was made with drippy craft paints, the flower egg was sharpies, and the one on the lower right was crayon resistance with paint. Mine is the one on the lower left, drawn on with Sharpies. You won't recognize her yet, but if you check back on this blog next year, you may be able to identify the character. Here's a hint, she would look more like herself if we had white eggs. The great thing about this project is it's simplicity and freedom. You can do whatever you want with your egg, if it doesn't work out, it's fun to smash the shell. C'mon, how often do you get to smash an egg? Thanks to Craft Club President Eva for blowing out the eggs.

I can't wait for an Easter Egg Hunt!

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amy said...

Ooh! Egg art!
That really looks like fun.

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