Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Has Corned Beef and Cabbage turned me Green? No, I'm not sick, just enthused. In preparation for St. Patrick's Day dinner, I bought two shirts, one green, one with a shamrock. I wore the green to dinner and wore the shamrock the next day. Is that too much? Maybe I am carried away with celebrations of family that included three of the cutest Leprechauns I've ever seen (OK two of them are my own children, so I'm biased). Maybe I am lost in memories of a particularly good trip overseas. Maybe I'm trying to get my Irish readership up... Erik are ye there???

We had a feast of traditional Irish Cooking for St. Patrick's Day, thanks to Mother In Law of Food. The dinner was a late arrangement, yet to her credit, it came together quite well. As is the recent household trend, the Corned Beef was cooked in the slow cooker. Potatoes and cabbage accompanied the meat. I don't usually go for cabbage of any sort, but the simple steaming of it made a nice sweet crunchy compliment to the tasty salty beef. An off the cuff celebration inspired by a hunk of meat, bought for the holiday, caused an evening that was really fun. It is a powerful joy when Family and Food combine.

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