Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yogurt Mistake

I have twin babies who run about like double tornadoes touching down in a rural mid-western town; no one knows what sort of destruction might be wrought if they are not tracked carefully. At our house, cooking is done in a hurried, distracted manner, with at least one eye set towards a baby who at any moment is intent on hurting herself or another. Needless to say, simple as a recipe may seem, mistakes can be made. I tried making Son of Food's yogurt posted here. What's the tip of the day? Scald the milk before putting the starter yogurt in, otherwise, you kill all of the bacteria that are needed to start the yogurt. I realised this about 10 seconds after I had done it. I had a little plain yogurt left so I added it to the batch, but no, it was not enough to get the thing started. Oh well, no use crying over un-youged milk.

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