Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another way to do it.

Son of Food's post entitled Jewish Soul Food looked so good, I wanted some for myself, but even if there was some left, his brisket is on another coast. So I took this opportunity to try something new, namely, the crock pot I got for Christmas.

I bought a nice four and a half pound brisket cut to order at Bristol Farms Market. It was a bit large for the slow cooker, so I almost went the traditional route of cooking it in a large pot, but none was available, so I pressed on in the new way. I braised the meat hoping for enough shrinkage to make the brisket fit the crock pot. It was just too long. I cut the meat once against the grain, and then braised the cut ends to brown. This was enough to fit the meat in the pot. I had onions at the bottom, but waited to put the potatoes and carrots in. I set the pot on high for about an forty-five minutes, then turned it down to low before leaving the house for the day. Mother in Law of Food was kind enough to put the veggies in a couple of hours, when the brisket cooked down a bit more. The brisket stewed in the pot until I got home. In total, the brisket cooked for about seven hours.

Here is some sliced just before eating.

And here is it at the end of the meal.

It turns out, that despite the size problems, the slow cooker was a great way to cook the brisket. Luckily, I set aside the remainder of the meat for leftovers tomorrow. You'll have to make it to this coast fast, if you want to try some.


Father of Food said...

i'm very proud of my children absorbing and passing on these cherished recipes, traditions and memories. Also I'd like to give a shout out and special recognition to a very special Aunt of Family of Food for her great briskets served for so many years at Passover.

Son of Food said...

Doctor of Son of Food says I've lost three pounds since my last annual physical, so at least I'm not absorbing too much of the family recipes.

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