Saturday, November 12, 2011

Barn Cake!

Little friend of food, Naomi turned 4 this week!
I loved the Barn Cake that her Mom and Grandma made.
The Sheep cupcakes went early (young kids are attracted to marshmallows.)
I preferred the ducks.  The coconut feathers and moist cake made a cleveland bar type of flavor was fabulous to taste.

The bakers said they got the recipe and idea from Betty Crocker online, which I did find here.
My only suggestion if you want to try it, is to leave out some of the red food coloring in the barn frosting. Apparently, some red food color has iodine in it which causes a bitter taste, but gives the most vibrant and prettiest results.  There is a no taste food color available, but it may not be very bright red, kosher, or vegetarian.  Check with the ingredients for your needs.

Great job guys, beautiful cake!

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