Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time Keeps on Slippin'

Am I feeling patriotic?  Am I strangely inspired by Steve Miller?  Am I a huge Stephen Colbert fan?
All of those things are true, but that is not why I made these Eagle bento boxes.
My little babies are growing up and they have graduated into their new Eagles classroom at Preschool.
On their first day I made these boxes.

Almond butter and jelly on french bread for the head.
A thinly sliced baby carrot and green bean for the eye.
String cheese for the neck feathers.
Pretzel sticks for the body feathers.
Cantaloupe for the Beak.

Now they're ready to fly like eagles; to fly right into the future.


Marieeeee :) said...

And yeah for them becoming Eagles!!! :)

Family of Food said...

Husband of food kept saying he couldn't really see it.

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