Saturday, April 3, 2010

Passover Bagels and a look at a Vintage Cookbook

During the Passover, when we are bereft of bread, I find I am craving anything that is a facsimile of leavened food. Yes, I know, it seems like cheating, but Passover rolls and bagels are a time honored tradition. About day four I desperately needed something other than Matzo.

While looking for a recipe to quell my yeasty yearnings, I came across this lovely vintage cookbook, A Russian Jew cooks in Peru, by Violeta Autumn, published in 1973. Amazingly, it is Available on Amazon through 3rd party sellers. I am not sure where I got this book, Friend of Food Kelly maybe? If so, thank you, Kelly. This is a beautiful book

The recipes are lovingly illustrated and hand lettered.  Every detail is well thought out and preciously laid out on the page.

Even the dedication page is phenomenal.

Close to the end of the book, I found this recipe for Passover Bagels. 
If you click on the image a larger version of this picture will appear.
You can try this recipe for yourself. 

It is fairly quick and easy, especially when you follow these pretty directions. These bagels are pretty tasty right out of the oven.  They don't seem to last much beyond that as everyone eats them right up.  I have already made this recipe twice this Passover.

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MandiCrocker said...

Those look deliciiiiiiiiiiious!!! :)

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