Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crab Spring Rolls Test Kitchen

The Crab Spring Rolls are made!  A few things were learned along the way, so I am going to reprint this recipe with some modifications, added information, and pictures.

Crab Spring Rolls AFTER TEST

Spring Roll Wrappers
2 Carrots
3-4 Green Onions
Lump Crab in a Can, I used 1 6oz can, but I would have been happier with 2 6oz cans.
Soy Sauce
Peanut Oil
Napa or Asian Cabbage
Chili Paste
Entoki Mushrooms

Put a wok on the stove to heat up.
Cut the Carrots and Green Onions thin like matchsticks.
Put the carrots in the wok and then add a bit of oil (1 TBSP)
Add the Green Onions.
Stir fry until slightly softened. The vegetables should not be too soft.
Put the Cooked Vegetables into a Large Bowl.
Add the Lump Crab to the Vegetable Mix, enough to make up a large percentage of the mix, maybe 40-60% crab.

Add about 1/4 cup of Soy Sauce and stir it in.
The filling is tasty.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Cut the top off of the Cabbage.
Slice some Cabbage thinly to be stuffed in the wrapper with the Crab Vegetable Mix.


Lay out a Spring Roll Wrapper like a diamond.
Put a couple of spoonfuls of Filling on the Wrapper.
Put a Spoonful of Cabbage on the Wrapper.
Notice that there is a floured edge at the top corner, that becomes useful later.

Fold the bottom corner of the diamond up to the middle of the filling.

Fold in the side corners of the wrapper.  I don't have the picture of the next step, but happily the spring roll wrapper instructions did.

Roll up that last corner.  Rolling makes a tighter fit than folding the wrapper.  Put a bit of water on your finger and brush the inside of the top corner of the wrapper, where the flour is, and fold it over so it sticks to the roll.

Brush some Peanut Oil on the outside of the Spring Roll so that it crisps up in the oven.
Make sure there is oil on the bottom of the rolls so they don't stick to the tray.
Repeat until you have a tray full of Spring Rolls ready to put in the oven.

Put the tray of Spring Rolls into your oven.
Cook about 35 minutes or until crispy and golden.

While the rolls are cooking, mix up the sauce.
Add 1 part Chili Paste to 2 parts Soy Sauce and Honey to a small bowl.
This sauce was way to spicy for my tastes with equal part ingredients.  Even this mix was a bit hot, but you only need a drizzle on the Spring Rolls.
Mix and adjust to your taste, making sure it is liquid enough to drizzle on your Spring Rolls.


Take the Rolls out of the oven.
This was as far as I got.  If you want to get fancy, do the next step...

Lay out some Mushrooms on a plate.
Slice the rolls on a diagonal.
Put the rolls on the mushroom plate.
Drizzle Sauce on top and around the plate.

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