Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baby Food

Yesterday at lunch, my girl said "Mommy, this is my baby." She says, while pointing to the top where she had squished down the bread, "Here are her eyes." She says pointing to the big piece of bread in the middle, "This is her body." She points to the peas "these are her buttons." This baby has a lot of buttons. Then disturbingly she says as she points to the bits around the main form, "These are her spiders." What does that mean?

Without missing a beat, my daughter and her sister put the baby to bed by covering her with a paper towel.

"Wait!" she says, "We forgot to give the baby her lovey." and she places the blue spoon in the crook of the bread arm.

I think the bento designs are influencing the twins. All kids play with their food, but I think my not quite three year old is destined to be an artist.


Anonymous said...

that's our grandchildren!!!! mom

Darci said...

See? THIS is what happens when you feed a child peas. Just sayin.

Jane said...

I think decorating with peas is an appropriate use for them.

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