Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Father of Food

Dear Family of Food Readers,

You may have been wondering, where is Father of Food? Back in January we posted some updates, but he has been in a long term care facility since. Recently, he had a bad setback and is now recovering in the hospital, but he is not going to be able to be as active as even in recent months. His mobility is severely limited. He has been progressively losing muscle function which the doctor called today a dystrophy. What I am extremely saddened by today, the thing that I am reluctant to write, is the distinct possibility that Father may need to eat through a feeding tube. This would be very sad indeed. Father of Food without Food? It would be quite a loss of joy in his life. I would like any of you who know Father of Food or who have ever read any of his articles or tried one of his recipes to send him a nice word or two. If you know Father personally, send this to anyone else who knows him. If I get a bunch of comments I will bring them to him and read them to him for comfort and support. It really helps. If he can not have Food, at least he will have Food for the soul.

Thanks very much,
Daughter of Food


Family of Food said...

I Love You Dad


Son of Food said...

He was actually watching The Barefoot Contessa making lasagna on the Food Network when the doctor came to discuss the possibility of a feeding tube.

I think we'll have to figure out how to combine some aromas with whatever he may be getting through the tube.

Maura said...

I remember many wonderful dinners in Providence when your parents would come to visit. I remember sitting at the family table in Cleveland. I remember your wedding, which may be the last time I saw your dad the "Father of Food".
But looking back, I don't actually remember what we ate - ever. I remember laughter and love and story-telling and joy and feeling "full" when it had nothing to do with what we actually put in out mouths.
In times like these, it's so important to remember what truly nourishes us; it's the people in our lives that satisfy our hunger and give us the love and support we crave.
Take good care of each other and know that you're all in my thought and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Father of food...I am sending you a million good wishes for good health and happiness. I am also sending you a big bowl of virtual chicken soup with plenty of knadelach!! Get well soon...how else am I going to know where to get good Chinese food in Vegas??


Lots of big hugs!

Kelly (friend of food!)

hermitdeb said...

I have read the blog regularly since it started. I am sending all the best wishes and flavors and scents to Father of Food and hope for a speedy recovery. Your family of food is truly special.

Marieeeee :) said...

Hello Father of Food! Marie here, friend-of-daughter-of-food. I'm praying for your comfort and speedy recovery, as is my church back home in Texas. It's Protestant- hope that's okay. We've always been quite fond of a certain Jewish fellow- you, and that Jesus fellow, too, of course. :)

And if food through a tube is what's meant to be, then I certainly hope to see a blog about it- maybe Candy can package that in a fancy bento box.

Soooo much love and hugs to you and the Missus-

Marie Pettit :)

Nanny of Food said...

Dear Father of Food,

Okay, as a person who once had to live on nothing but liquids for two weeks, I would highly suggest avoiding any cooking shows! Or commercials for that matter, cuz every other one is for fast food and even though we all know you have a marvelously sophisticated pallet (fast food? *ppphhhttt*), a good shot of hot, gooey cheese is like waving a bottle of beer under an alcoholic's nose for some of us! Can someone get this man a dvr for the love of Pete so he can fast forward through that nonsense? Really, now.

I hope you feel better. I pray and intend that you will. I would like to hear some more stories seated at your table while drinking some freshly-pressed and brewed coffee your wife made for me. In fact, I'd like to have a meal prepared by the famous Father of Food one day. Indeed.

Blessings and love and healing.

Family of Food said...

Some of the family sent personal e-mail... I will post some of it [edited for content] here so he's sure to get it all:

Please tell Dad that I attempted to get him to dinner last January but will now wait till my return next January so he better get back out of bed – now!. Mark

Please tell Dad I love him and I am praying for him. Our prayers and love are with [Father]!! Marlene

my love and thoughts are with you now, I know how hard it is to see one you love so much have their health just go down, it is so difficult to watch. My family, [] will be in LV 08/01-08/06 and seeing your folks while we are there is definitely a priority for us. Please share our love with him and your mom.

Blogs are foreign to me so I'll email my cousin:
I'm thrilled that you're doing MUCH better than just a few days ago and
we should both hope for the improvements to continue!!!!!

Love, Cousin Irv

Anonymous said...

I have always looked up to Bill. He has always had such a positive affect. When I visited him and Caroline a few years ago he had difficulty standing and he was still as affable as ever. He deserves better.

Eddie S

Jane said...

Hi Billy:
My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
I have fond memories of your beef brisket at Candy and Seamus' house.

I hope you can avoid the feeding tube, but if you need it, I hope you can focus on other things that bring joy to your life.
I know those three grandchildren are something to live for.
You are blessed with a close and loving family that will be by your side through thick and thin.

Jane, AKA
Mother in Law of Daughter of Food

Son of Food said...

All my Deep Springs friends remember the time a vanload of us stopped in Cleveland en route to Cornell on break, and Dad had set out a spread with around eight different things, the most memorable of which was a veal and sausage stew. We were having some trouble with the van, though, which caused us to arrive early in the morning, instead of around dinner time, as we had originally planned, so he said, "If I knew you were getting in now, I would have had lox and bagels, scrambled eggs and bacon." Dad ended up donating a brake job to the college on that stopover, but they reimbursed him for the new transmission that was installed on the return trip.

Nan Murat said...

Dear Father of Food

Maybe we can get Paula Deen to prepare your tube food. I think a stick of butter will do nicely in there. Much love and good thoughts sent out to you from Vermont.

Nan, friend of daughter of food

Anonymous said...

Dear Billy,

Know your cousin is thinking of you and wish you good progress that will get you home and back in the kitchen.

Love, Your Cousin
Richard (Dicky) Kleinman

Varoujan said...

Dear Father of food,

I'm a friend of daughter-of-food that met you a couple of times at her house. Please accept my best wishes! I truly hope that you your prognosis will be better than expected and that you will find a way to continue enjoying good food!


MandiCrocker said...

Dear Father-of-Food,
We all have you in our prayers & are eating well beyond our means in your honor!!! Please stay strong and know that we are all in your corner!
Much love,
(Friend of Daughter-of-Food)

Karen Brundage said...

Hi there Papa Goldfarb! My truest and most heartfelt wishes for your speedy recovery, love to all your family, including your beautiful wife and my "sister" Candice. You're an amazing soul and I wish you all the best during this trying time.

Anonymous said...

Sending out my best wishes. I was just thinking about how the only time I met your dad was on my roadtrip and he let me stay at his house and showed me around Vegas. We had a great time and I really enjoyed my time there.

Yours truly,

Cousin of Food – Bill Siegel

Amy said...

I hope you have a speedy recovery and that the tube is only a short term measure.

Amy (friend of food)

Family of Food said...

Thank you everybody for your comments. Dad did get the feeding tube, but a physical therepist is working with him so hopefully he will have a chance to eat again. I will be reading him these comments and all are appreciated. Keep writing all.

Anonymous said...

I hardly know where to start. The family hasn't been as close as it used to be, being spread out all over the country. I last saw Billy about 1 1/2 years ago when he and Carolyn took me and my wife Nora around in Las Vegas and Hendersonville. His strength was failing then, but apparently he has gotten much worse. We had a great time at that visit; it's too bad we're all so far and keep in touch so little. Best of luck to all of you.


First cousin Bob Siegel

Family of Food said...

This one was sent via e-mail:

Dear Father of Food, We've been separated by geography for more than 40
years, so I find your journey from Corky & Lennie's at Cedar Center
awe-inspiring. You are in our thoughts and prayers. With love, from cousin

Evan said...

I've been getting updates about your dad's condition from my mother (through your mother). His humor, hospitality and food made such a mark on me so many years ago. He was the epitome of the leftover gourmand and he always seemed happiest by in front of the Jenn-air. It's no wonder I seldom left (you might have been involved with that a little, too).
You, your father and mother, and your family are in my thoughts.

Jim and Vicki said...

We were so unhappy when we learned of your recent setback, and we hope that this feeding tube is a temporary measure. We're thinking of you and hoping for a more gastronomically appropriate recovery.
You have a lot of people who love you and are pulling for you.

Margo said...

My prayers are with you, I hope you feel better real soon. Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

May the Father of Food have a speedy and complete recovery...

His Florida Friend!

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