Monday, March 9, 2009

Once Upon A Bento

Once Upon a time, there were two princesses who needed new lunchboxes. They went to a mini magical kingdom where mice were worshiped and penguin walking was encouraged. The beautiful princesses picked two very princessey bento type boxes.

Should I worry about the pink and purple hued ultra-feminine depiction of what women are expected to be shown on these boxes? Do I think that the vision of a stylized, idealized, princess figure has seeped into their conciousness and will warp them forever like the poison found in certain apples? Nah, they had just watched Sleeping Beauty on laserdisk (Yes, I said laserdisk) and they were feeling the princess theme.

I indulged their storied visions by making a magical lunch including:

An Almond Butter and Strawberry Jelly Horse Shaped Sandwich, because every princess needs a horse,

Magic Beans with unmagical Mushrooms (peas and mushrooms) because you never know when you need to grow a beanstalk,

Fruits: Cuties because the Princesses are cute and a Red Ripe Strawberry because they are also sweet,

Cheddar Bunnies because small woodland creatures tend to follow Princesses,

Gerber Stars, because every Princess deserves a little sparkle.

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