Monday, February 2, 2009

Hugo's for Brunch

I had a weird experience at brunch this Sunday. I went to one of my favorite neighborhood places for weekend breakfasts, Hugo's in Studio City. Hugo's is known for quality, healthy homemade food and a wide variety of teas. I don't go much for tea, but I love healthy food. When I was, for health reasons avoiding red meats (for about a decade), I loved the fact that I could order almost anything on the Hugo's menu without the worry of eating a mammal. Hugo's is very accommodating to full Vegetarians and Vegans as well.

Because of the varied yet ever so good for me menu, I like to try different things when going to Hugo's. This time I tried an oatmeal frittata. The menu said it was steel cut oatmeal folded into a frittata garnished with cottage cheese, applesauce, and strawberries. I like oatmeal and eggs... I love strawberries and cottage cheese... This sounds like it could be a really good thing. Well, I can't say this dish was bad, but it wasn't good either, It certainly missed the mark for my favorite breakfast of all time. It was like something the chef might have experimented with one hungover morning in pursuit of a full stomach and a good bowel movement. I can attest that I was blessed with both after this meal, but I have had better tasting food than this at Hugo's. The service was excellent, the pre-meal rolls, delish, and the company I shared the meal with, a true treat. I highly recommend Hugo's especially to those who like to eat from a more enlightened selection on life's menu, but I would stay away from the Oatmeal Fritatta, after all, maybe you can have too much of a "good thing."

Hugo's Restaurant
12851 Riverside Dr
North Hollywood, CA 91607
(818) 761-8985

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