Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bento Stars

My Daughter asked for a star themed lunch. This is what I made...
Almond Butter and Strawberry Jelly on Squaw Bread, sandwiched between Star Crackers.
Peas with Mozzarella Star
Star cut pears
and Star Puff Snacks from Gerber

People say I have too much time on my hands to make these lunches for my kids. Well I do not. I am a full time working mother of two year old twins; does it sound like I have a lot of free time? The thing is that I have to make lunch no matter what and making lunch takes some amount of time anyway, so what's a few minutes more to make something I know the girls will enjoy. Making this lunch probably took me 15 minutes. Having cookie cutters helps, being flexible helps, buying cool shaped foods at the grocery store helps. I don't go in to the boxes with a grand plan. Mostly I just try to make lunch a little fun for my girls. Hopefully, by sharing this with you, you get some ideas to make food fun for someone you love.


Anonymous said...

you are too much...i wonder who brought you

daughteroffood said...

Awww, thanks Mom, does this mean that you will start cutting my food into cool shapes when I come over?

Hermine's Blog said...

What a MOM! Just think how this will influence their lives later on ... how they will do the same for their children.
How wonderful that a degree from RISD
has allowed you to cut stars out of unusual foods!!!!! Keep it up!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

I was just about to leave a different comment then saw your mom's lovely comment - so sweet.

I love the stars!

Amy said...

People who think you have too much time need a smack down. Your bentos are an expression of love! What's more worthy of time than that?

Anonymous said...

yes, like poker chips, dice, wheels,, mom

Anonymous said...

I so agree with Hermine...your girls will always remember that their Mommy used to make the best lunches! And I agree with your mom, you are too much...girl, you exhaust me! xoxo

Kelly Kells

Family of Food said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

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