Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Visiting Family in Vegas

OK, there were the holidays, we went away, and Father of Food is in the hospital. The family apologizes for not posting. I know you just can't wait to hear what we may be eating these days. Both Daughter of Food and Son of Food spent some time in Vegas this past week visiting Father. We tried some new things. Here's the quick report....

Buffet at Asia is a busy Mixed Asian food buffet at the corner of Flamingo and Eastern. The selection includes Sushi, Dim Sum dishes, Crabs Legs, Shrimp, Mongolian Barbecue, Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese fare. The food was decent, if you picked from the trays that were fresh. I liked the Crab Won Tons and the Shrimp tempura, but the Pad Thai was barely unrecognisable as Pad Thai. The meal cost $12.00 for dinner and the kids ate for free. I didn't flip over this place, but I would go back.
4090 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV‎ - (702) 650-0290‎

Another Buffet we had (it is Vegas after all), was the breakfast buffet at Boulder Station. Breakfast is breakfast, an amazing brunch this is not, however, and if you're hungry and your funds are limited, you should go. We took our family of four on Friday morning and ate all we could eat for under $12 including tip (3 and under eat free). It was a heck of a lot more satisfying than the Burger King meal we had the next day for $20. As far as breakfast buffets go, this one was fine, but I did not like the omelet I got, mainly due to low quality, stale cheese. The chunky applesauce was very tasty on my so-so potato pancake. The bacon was greasy. Did I mention the cost was less than $3.00 a person? In these economic times, it was fine, really.

The last place I'll mention was featured in a post last year and it's called Metro Pizza. We went to the Boulder Station location. The pepperoni didn't impress, but I would recommend the white pizza. We were not able to get the legendary salad Melissa mentioned in the comments of the earlier post. If you go on Friday night, you can "enjoy" the Kareoke at the bar across the way.

Boulder Station Buffet and
Metro Pizza at Boulder Station
4111 Boulder Hwy
Las Vegas, NV 89121

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