Monday, December 1, 2008

The Best Burger I Have Ever Had

The first time I entered Father's Office at the Helms Bakery, I was a little disappointed. All of the reviews I read about it led me to believe it was an upscale restaurant with a decent bar. I looked forward to a nice sit down meal being served by a doting waitstaff and an elaborate menu.

It turned out that Father's Office is not a restaurant at all, but a bar with a limited menu. You are greeted not by a Matre D, but a bouncer, you are served not by waitstaff, but by bar tenders and bussers, your children are not allowed in. In addition, Father's Office is only open certain hours, not, let's say, for lunch on a Thursday. On the plus side, there is a huge selection of beer on tap. So, it's a bar. It doesn't matter. Father's Office is special. Fathers Office has a non-liquid attraction that lures me.

I have had only one thing and I want only one thing when I go to Father's Office; THE BEST BURGER I HAVE EVER HAD.

I admit, I am not a big red meat eater, I could ignore most burgers (I often go to In and Out and have the grilled cheese,) but this burger makes my insides happy. The cooked medium burger is served pink with crispy bits on the outside covered in barbecue sauce and blue cheese and onions caramelized perfectly soaking its juices on to a leafy lettuce and a fine roll. I am getting so hungry writing about it. There are two kinds of fries you could get to accompany this burger, sweet potato and shoestring. Although I do like the sweet potato fries, the shoestring fries are some of the best you can get. Garlicky, thin, crisp, I can think of no better side dish to go with the best burger in the world.

I took Husband of Food to try this burger, and he said "You know what would go great with this? A Beer." Well, Husband of Food, I know this great bar...

3229 Helms Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034
TEL: (310) 736-2224

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HusbandofFood said...

They serve just the one type of burger there, one with blue cheese and caramelized onions. You can not get another type. This is not a problem, as it is without a doubt the best blue cheese/caramelized onions-style burger I have ever had.

But just be warned, if that is not your kind of thing you may be disappointed. Because of its non-traditional flavoring I hesitate to call it the best burger I have ever had, since it is not exactly fair to compare it to your straight lettuce, tomato, & cheddar burger. Both are based on ground beef, but start to diverge immediately from there.

Best traditional burger? For the buck I can't beat In-N-Out. Also a fan of Pie-N-Burger, but I am not prepared to defend either against the Office taste monster...

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