Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Scary Clown

Yesterday's bento was inspired again by the bento challenge, this week's topic was "scary." What could be more scary than a clown? I didn't want to make something that would frighten the girls, so I picked a topic that would be more scary for adults.

The twins liked it just fine. The clown was made of a turkey and cheese in a tortilla for the lower face, strawberry for the cheeks, banana for the mouth, cherry tomato for the nose, rice cakes as the eyes, sausage for the irises, rotini for the hair, and pumpkin pie for eyebrows.

I did another quick bento today, which I didn't take a picture of, but the best part was pumpkin butter and cream cheese sandwiches cut with a cookie cutter into the shapes of ghosts and pumpkins. Pumpkin Butter is pretty tasty.


cmc said...

I've been experimenting with Pumpkin too - Whole Foods had a recipe for Pumpkin rice last week which was *amazing* - Kynan couldn't get enough of it. I'm going to have to try the pumpkin butter and cream cheese sandwiches idea for his lunch...

Family of Food said...

Could I get that Pumpkin Rice recipe?

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