Sunday, October 19, 2008

The mundane kitchen accessory that will improve your life.

Yes, it's the Oxo Sink Strainer.

What is wrong, you ask, with the strainer/stopper in the drain that came with your sink?

Everything is wrong with it.

When you run the water, the stopper drops into the drain, and the sink starts filling up, so you have to kind of put it on a slant so it doesn't strain out the bits of food that you don't want to go down the drain, and then you realize you might as well just leave it on the counter. Then when you actually want to put down the stopper, it doesn't completely stop the drain, so the sink starts to fill, but it's draining at the same time, so if you wanted a sink full of cold water to cool down a big pot of stock, you would have to keep checking it and filling it up with more cold water. And besides, it's old and skanky with some kind of gelatinous crud that's been building up there for years between the bottom of the strainer and the top of the rubber stopper, because you don't have the specialized tool you would need to clean that, and the rubber stopper is probably cracked and crumbly.

By contrast, the Oxo Sink Strainer stops the drain when the stopper is released, and the stopper stays put when you want the sink to drain, and it strains out the things you don't want to go down the drain, and it's easy to clean silicone.

For $6.99 from Amazon, the Oxo Sink Strainer is way more expensive than the cheapo one you can get from the hardware store, but it's still just $6.99, and it will improve your life, and isn't it worth $6.99 to improve your life?

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