Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day Two Bentō

For the Second Day of Daycare I made the twins these Bento Boxes.

They are inspired by the sun rising over the mountains.

The sun is made of an orange slice with orange pepper for the rays. Feta acts as clouds surrounding the sun.
carrot rays extend over roast beef on a bed of spinach. Fields of green grapes line the foothills below the bagel mountain. Meunster cheese brings those sun rays down to meet the Earth.


Aunt Darci said...

Okay...all I did was put avocado on their grilled cheese today.

Family of Food said...

Mommy Love is obsessive. No need to go overboard Aunt Darci. They loooooove avocado.

Family of Food said...

Hi All! I found a bento lunch box just like the kind I got at Mitsuwa from Amazon. I added it to our carousel of favorites on our sidebar.

Son of Food said...

Very cool. We have a bento box with some of our kitchen stuff that's still in storage. Grandson of food's daycare provides lunch and a snack, but bentos are a great idea.

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