Monday, June 30, 2008

Did I say smear?

Mother of Food and I had just picked up her brother (Uncle of Food) at McCarran Airport. He mentioned he was hungry and could go for some old fashioned deli styled salami and eggs (probably testing to see if we had any kosher styled deli here in Sin City). Now we have the Stage, the Carnegie, and Canters delicatessens’ and many other fine deli’s but if you want the real Las Vegas deli experience then you must go to Harrie’s Bagelmania.

Harrie’s is located about 5 minutes east of Las Vegas Boulevard in a strip center well past it’s prime. It is open from 6:30 AM - 3PM serving breakfast, brunch and lunch. If you like a New York style bagel this is the place. Their Bialy’s are great and they have the best lox in town (did I say smear). On any morning you will find many of the movers and shakers of LV or resident entertainers holding court.

Now about the salami and eggs pancake style (I had mine with onions added) - super! Harrie’s Bagelmania is certainly more than bagels, they have great tasting food. You will find all types of egg dishes, fresh salads, fish platters, sandwiches, homemade soups including chicken with matzo ball or kreplach and of course items like chopped liver, potato pancakes, noodle kugel w/raisins or different types of knishes. Take home some black and white cookies or rugalah for later.

Stop by on Tuesdays for special pricing on bagels, corn beef and pastrami.

Location - 855 E. Twain Ave., Suite #120 Las Vegas, NV. 89169
Tel.# - 702-369-3322 (Delivery Available)


Family of Food said...

Nice Post Father of Food! Thanks for taking up the slack while I was out of town.

Hermine's Blog said...

Ok, we'll be there Sept. 1st (monday) and expect to visit this place oN Tuesday! Wonder how good Jewish food tastes with Vegas dust on it?

Anonymous said...

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