Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Coupon Results

After my last post, Food and Grocery Coupon Conglom-o-rama, I gathered up my coupons and went shopping at Ralphs. The results... I still spent just as much at the store, however I bought a heck of a lot more for the money. My trip included non-food staples like diapers and dog food as well as a full load of groceries. I am hoping not to have to do a major trip for at least a couple of weeks.

I saved over $67 by using the coupons, which is nothing to sneeze at. Many of my coupons were combined with in store sales and then doubled adding to the savings. The shopping took about twice as long, but in time I hope I can get more organized with it. The best coupon I had, get one free Arm and Hammer Fabric Care (laundry soap FREE!), the worst I had was $.65 off Naturally Preferred Cage Free Brown Eggs, they only had white and I wasted too much time looking for the brown.


Eva said...

ooo... i love coupons- sweet advice. i'm gonna email you this link at work, but i thought you'd be all about this contest.

DaughterofFood said...

Thanks for the link Eva. A cute food crafts contest... Looks Yummy!

Anonymous said...

You can find great grocery coupons almost every week in the weekly RedPlum mailer along with the grocery circulars

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