Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thanksgiving - common problems - simple solutions

You know that you have more requests for white meat than dark and would like to have beautiful slices of turkey breast to serve when you bring out the platter
Make a turkey breast the day before. Refrigerate overnight and it will be very easy to slice. Warm in oven after other turkey is out and resting.

Should you cook stuffing inside the turkey?
Most professional chefs don't. Some feel there could be health concerns. The bird's cooking times will vary. They cook the stuffing separately where they have more control and usually warm it just before serving. Instead stuff the turkey with chopped aromatic vegetables ( onions, celery, carrots) maybe some garlic cloves even things like cut up lemons and oranges.

How do I cut calories or make the dishes lighter? Some people seem to always be on a diet. How do I satisfy these people?
Forget about it! Let them diet on the other 364 day's.


Family of Food said...

Out with Halloween, in with Thanksgiving. What about All Saints Day or Day of the Dead?

amy said...

Bah, white meat is for the birds. Dark meat is where it's at.

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