Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Food's the Thing

I've put off reviewing this place because of one bad experience with a waiter, but I keep going back, so I think I should tell you about this restaurant called DISH.

Usually, we have a lovely time at Dish. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting, most of the waitstaff is very kind, and the food is always great. Home style American cooking is the Dish specialty. Brunch on the weekend is pretty crowded, and reflects the popularity of dishes like "Cornmeal Johnnycakes" or "Havarti Cheese, Asparagus, and Tomato Omelette", both of which I have had and loved. A lunch or dinner might include "Old School Cobb Salad", "Applewood-Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger", or "Cider-Braised Beef Brisket", quality classic American Fare. Dish serves up big plates of thoughtful and delicious comfort food. One bad experience with one bad waiter won't keep me away. You see, the food's the thing.

734 Foothill Blvd,
La Canada, CA 91001
(818) 790-5355

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Family of Food said...

Addendum...We went back. The food was good, but I think we got the same bad waiter. Either that or all of the young male staff at that place are reaaaaaaaaly slow and very inconsiderate about the needs of small children. Here's a tip to the bad waiters, chidren who become unhappy make everyone else in the restaurant unhappy, and unhappy patrons leave bad tips.

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