Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wow! Blueberry Octopus Cake!!!

There was this delicious looking recipe in the One Pot cookbook I got from the library.

I had fresh blueberries and all of the ingredients needed (well, not buttermilk, but you can fake that with a cup of milk and a teaspoon or two of vinegar), but I did not have a pretty bundt cake pan as shown in the picture in the book.  So, being one not to give up so easily, I found a pan that most closely resembled the the size of the one in the recipe.

The pan I found happened to be shaped like an octopus.
It was a gift from our neighbor for the kids' birthday one year.
It worked like a charm.
Who knew it would come in so handy?

I have to say, it is the best looking Octopus cake I have ever made.
Won't the kids be surprised tonight!

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