Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stickers you can EAT! Food Fun.

At the Studio City Farmer's Market this weekend, I discovered My Fruity Faces.  My Fruity Faces are fun edible stickers for food.  They are natural, slightly sweet stickers that are OK to eat and dissolve in your mouth.

Adam Gerber, Partner and Kidxecutive showed us these edible stickers.  They are designed to make fruits and vegetables more fun for kids to eat.  When I suggested they would make great cupcake toppers, Adam stopped me and pointed out that their mission was to encourage healthy eating and to help fight childhood obesity.  He then gave my kids a couple of stickers on a cucumber slice.  They ate it up (so to speak!)

You can find My Fruity Faces at http://www.myfruityfaces.com/

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Adam Gerber said...

At My Fruity Faces, our Mission is to become a healthy lifestyles solution for children by making fruits and veggies cool, tasty and exciting and by creating the link between eating right and active living. My Fruity Faces are all natural, Gluten and Allergen free deliciously flavored, kosher and vegan EDIBLE stickers that kids put on fruits and veggies to make clever faces and designs. And now with our newest agreement with Nickelodeon, kids can now decorate their fruits and veggies with SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora The Explorer and all their friends from the popular TV show. Available at some local retailers and at www.MyFruityFaces.com or like us at www.Facebook.com/fruityfaces Go ahead mom, let them play with their food!!

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