Monday, April 13, 2009

LA, Olive Oil, and A Baby Who Smells Nice

Many years ago a Cousin of Food visited the West Coast and I gave him the tour of LA. He asked to go "where the freaks are", so I took him to Venice Beach. We saw the snake charmer and the guy who rollerblades while playing electric guitar and even a tourist who felt comfortable enough on the beach to remove his Speedos, yes those super small Speedos, to towel off after his swim. It was quite a successful expidition. Being from the cold North, Cousin wanted to put his toes in the sand, and so we went shoeless by the shore.

On that day I unfortunately discovered the natural tar that collects off the coast near Venice Beach. The bottom of my feet and his were covered with the black sticky stuff. As hard as I tried, I could not scrub the stuff from my feet. No soap would get it off. The tar eventually wore off as the skin itself did, but from that day forth, I was nervous about stepping into the ocean in that region.

Many years later, I am at the beach with Husband of Food and our twin girls. We played in the water where the ocean met the sand. Although we were not at Venice Beach, we found ourselves with tar on our feet at the end of the day. I remembered hearing from a friend that Olive Oil could take the tar away. So we tried it. Our feet smelled like salad, but it worked! Olive Oil removed every bit of the tar. By the time I got the the tar off of my Husband, My daughter and Myself, I realized that Baby Oil might do the same thing as the Olive Oil. My last daughter got the Baby Oil foot rub and she had tarless feet. She smelled nicer, too.

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