Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vintage Vegas

It was Mother of Food’s thirty-ninth birthday again and to celebrate we decided to try a restaurant we had never been to - De Stefano’s. We knew that owner Bobby Capozzoli had owned other successful restaurants, the very popular Capozzolis on Maryland Parkway and Tower of Pizza on the strip. I called to make a reservation and found out on Saturday nights they also have music (an unexpected bonus).

We entered the restaurant only to be greeted by the owner and host and seated immediately. De Stefano’s is a cozy spot seating maybe seventy-five to a hundred people. There is a small bandstand and a dance floor in the middle of the room with a bar at the back. For atmosphere there is an artificial tree and vines with tiny white lights. Within moments a basket of hot bread was on our table. There was a lovely song stress singing and four musicians backing her up; trumpet, keyboards, bass and drums. As the night went on other musicians and singers stopped in and joined the quartet and jammed. The music consisted of jazz, standards and show tunes. Terry James the headline singer was fantastic. After the set she would stop by the tables and ask for requests. By the end of the evening we had a new friend. I commented to MoF that many of the songs we were listening to were over fifty years old and still sounded fresh. I wonder how many of today’s hits will be around in fifty years? The crowd was a mixture of couples, people from the entertainment industry and customers who seemed to be regulars or as we used to say “from the old neighbor hood”

The food was a little slow coming out but we were enjoying the music so much we hardly noticed. The food is cooked to order and was worth waiting for. Mother had prawns wrapped in prosciutto and panko crumbs and topped with pomodoro sauce, a favorite of Steve and Eydie Gorme. I had the Chicken Française. Dinner comes with a choice of salad or soup and a side of pasta or vegetables. My complements to executive chef Timmy on the preparation of these meals. The menu consists of many of your favorite seafood, chicken, veal and steak dishes cooked in chef Timmy’s Italian style. There are of course all different types of pasta and pizza,

Mother’s birthday celebration was a terrific success. Bobby Capozzoli makes everyone feel like family, stopping by your table checking to see if you need anything and even danced with MoF. The night felt like old Vegas during the era of the supper club. As Bobby came over to say good-bye, I shook his hand and said book us for next Saturday.

Location - 3430 East Tropicana
Phone# - 702-364-8424

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